Video On Demand Plans

With the first plan, you purchase a specific amount of unique logins and each login has unlimited access to 170+ videos including written material. The second plan includes a set number of views to be used throughout the year. 

The second plan below includes a set number of views to be used throughout the year. You get to choose from the same video library but for those that do not need unlimited usage can take advantage of buying views. 

What you Get by Enrolling

The features below are included in all plans.

170+ Training Videos

You get 24/7 access to a variety of safety, HR and compliance courses that are built around the latest regulations.

Video Content

All of the videos in the training library are real life videos. There are more videos added every year. Plus new ones are added as needed. 

Written Materials

With each training video you have the choose to print off quizzes, answer keys, leaders guides and certificates.


Below are questions that we get asked frequently. If you still have questions please contact us below.

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When do the views expire?

If you are purchasing a set number of views then they expire a year from the purchase date. If you purchase more views before your current views expire they will all roll over. 

How often do you release new content?

There are new courses added to the library every year. We also refresh old videos that are aged or the content needs a new look. Videos are updated with the latest regulations as well.

Can I cancel at any time?

There is no contract in place. Once you are out of views you do not have to purchase more. If you purchase a unlimted login that will expire automaticall after a year unless you decide to renew. 

Can you pause in the middle of a course?

Yes. You can pause the video and come back to it but please keep in mind that if your session expires it will use a credit from your purchased “views”

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